ProducerConsumerElement query sent processing

For an overview of the ProducerConsumerElement please see: ProducerConsumerElement: overview.


The function of the query sent processing in the ProducerConsumerElement is to allocate and update the state of a slot on which a query is to be sent by a consumer.

Processing flow

The logical flow of the ProducerConsumerElement query sent algorithm is depicted in the following activity diagram:


The query sent algorithm performs the following activities:
  • Check the active slot for the link to see if there's space to query and if so set the link to Waiting, link producer and consumer (if required) and return the active slot
  • Otherwise, check the next available slot. If one is available then set the link to Waiting, link producer and consumer (if required), set this next slot as the active slot (for all links that don't already have one assigned) and set the next-slot for each link to NO_SLOT then return this next slot.
  • Otherwise, return NO_SLOT (meaning there was no space available to send a query)

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