ProducerConsumer send release

For an overview of the ProducerConsumer please see: ProducerConsumer: overview.


The function of the send release method in the ProducerConsumer is to send a release message from a consumer to a producer and consists of the following operations:
  • Map the consumer's element and link number to the producer's element and link number
  • Send the release message to the producer
  • Update the slot state within the event overlay to record that a release has been sent

Processing sequence

The sending of a release by the ProducerConsumer task is depicted in the following sequence diagram:


The send release consists of the following steps:
  • Convert the specified link number from absolute to relative
  • Call MapConsumerToProducer() to use the IConnectionMapping class for the active connection to map the consumer element and link number to the producer element and link number
  • Create the ReleaseMsg message object containing the producer element and link numbers, the produced event object to be released, the ID of the producer slot that the event originated from, a boolean indicating whether a confirmation of receipt is required and a boolean indicating whether the event is a roll-back
  • Call TaskManager.QueueMessage() to send the release message to the producer
  • Call EventReleased() on the ProducerConsumerElement to update the slot state within the overlay to record that an event has been released on the specified element and link

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