ProducerConsumer handle event processing

For an overview of the ProducerConsumer please see: ProducerConsumer: overview.


The function of the event handling in the ProducerConsumer is to receive an event message at a consumer that was sent by a producer and consists of the following operations:
  • Route the event to the correct ProducerConsumerElement
  • Update the state to register the event received on the appropriate link within that element
  • Trigger an event to notify the state change.

Processing sequence

The processing of an event received by the ProducerConsumer task is depicted in the following sequence diagram:


The event processing consists of the following steps:
  • Conversion of the incoming link number from relative to absolute
  • Call ProducerConsumerElement.EventReceived() to update the state of the target element
  • Get the consumer and producer slot IDs
  • The EventReceived event for the ProducerConsumer is invoked

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